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L. Carlos Herrero
Dept. Electronics Technology
University of Valladolid


Esc. Ingenierías Industriales
Paseo del Cauce, 59
47011 Valladolidd
Spain / España

Phone: (+34) 983 42 35 21
Fax:     (+34) 983 42 33 10 Change to Spanish


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Welcome,to my personal webside. I am L. Carlos Herrero de Lucas, Associate Profesor at the Department of Electronics Technology at the University of de Valladolid, Spain. I work in Valladolid, at the Escuela de Ingenierías Industriales.

My research interests within the " DEEPER" focuses is focused on two lines. The first one in Electronic Power Converters , developing equipment and control algorithms in DC/AC and AC/AC converters (Matrix Converter) and in the application of these converters in renewable energy equipment (wind and photovoltaic generators). The second line focuses on Real Time Simulation using Hardware In the Loop (HIL) applied to power converters.

Within the Group of Educational Innovation in Power Electronics UVa "GIDEP_UVa" , my research focuses on the application of innovative teaching techniques in the teaching of power electronics field (Project Based Learning). I also collaborate with the R + D + i Electrical Calibration Laboratory of Castilla y León "LACECAL" in different renewable energy projects.
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